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L'Institut de Recherches Appliquées au Contrôle de la Qualité

INRACQ exists since 1992 and was labeled ‘National Innovation Hub’ in 1993 by the Ministry of Trade and Craft Industries.  It aims to promote innovation in the craft industry and offers support to very small businesses.  Small businesses are often isolated and unprepared in this constantly changing economy. That is why they need to be supported: to anticipate and adapt to these changes.

With our links to professional and public bodies (e.g. The Chamber of Trades and Crafts) our four main missions are:

  • Taking advice from external experts (technical centres, professional organisations, other Innovation hubs) in order to share knowledge and learn about small businesses’ needs;
  • Researching tailored solutions for small businesses (collective studies, development of training tools,…);
  • Disseminating knowledge and new practices
  • Supporting business projects

In association with other professional bodies, INRACQ is involved in cross-cutting themes across the Nord-Pas de Calais region.  It specialises in ice-creams and sweet food and receives help from the national French organisation of ice-cream makers for example.

Involvement in the "New Deal for Innovation" project

INRACQ is involved in the NDI project through it’s desire to work with other “Innovation hubs” (ATEN and IFRAM) and to share experiences with its British neighbours from Kent. The “Innovator’s toolkit” for small businesses will be useful and tailored to their particular typology and it will enable them to enter an innovation process alone or with business support, in turn making them much more competitive.

www.cfa62.fr/inracq / +33 0(3) 21 21 30 97


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