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Medway Council

Medway Council is committed to ensuring that the area benefits from the right economic conditions to support inward investment, new business formation and business growth. Medway Council's Economic Development and Social Regeneration service facilitates bids for European Union (EU) funding for the delivery of social regeneration and economic development projects in Medway. The team works with the local communities to support, enhance, and improve life for its citizens and for local businesses.

The council is very active in a number of EU projects from different funding programmes by the European Union and the European Regional Development (ERDF) Fund 2007-2013 and the team works to the council's Corporate European Strategy to help promote Medway as a premier European city. 

The council recently opened an Innovation Centre in Medway, providing state-of-the-art facilities for young and established technology companies.   The centre helps to foster business clusters and encourages peer support, both of which are strong factors for business development and growth. 

Participation in the "New Deal for Innovation" project

The council has a long and successful record of European project delivery and it’s involvement with the NDI project will be no exception.  This project will ensure that local businesses are part of a network that offers them positive and practical trade opportunities in the UK and across the Channel.  The toolkit will provide easy access to support and methodology for business innovation and will offer useful tools for innovative business activities.  The project aims to encourage SME sustainability and to help them stand out in an increasingly competitive market.     

www.medway.gov.uk / +44 (0)1634 331210/ 825318


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