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Project NDI "New Deal for Innovation"

The NDI project has been launched in December 2011 in the presence of all the partners.

Innovation, Imagination, Inspiration

For most people innovation traditionally means R&D or a technological invention, but this definition does not really apply to small businesses, which often lack the time and resources to innovate. 

Innovation within a small business is more closely linked to new production methods, a new marketing strategy or a new or improved product or service.

With this in mind, the New Deal for Innovation (NDI) project is supporting innovative business activities, giving access to practical tools and methods to support business innovation.  Access to overseas markets will also be available through collaboration with cross channel partners. 

The NDI Project

The NDI Project will develop an Innovator’s Toolkit to support innovation and growth in small businesses.  The Toolkit will include practical tools, advice and methodologies to support innovation directly or with external support.

The 6 NDI project partners from the UK and France will deliver the project over a 3-year period, focusing on the following activities: 
  • Identification of the tools and support structures currently in place to drive innovation
  • A survey of 500 UK and French businesses, to assess the needs of small businesses wishing to innovate
  • The development and testing of an Innovator’s Toolkit, which will include practical and process-driven tools to support innovative business activities.  The toolkit will be tested by SMEs, with the support of the NDI Partners.
  • Testimonies and indicators will be used to evaluate the success of the toolkit.
  • A communication plan will be developed in order to disseminate the project’s activities and results for the benefit of a wider network. 

This project is co-funded by the ERDF European Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England.

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